Friday, October 31, 2008

Video of yesterday morning trying on their new winter hats..excuse the messy house!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Patch....see below for Halloween and Fall Portraits

Fall and Halloween Portraits

Friday, October 24, 2008

She is my Heart!

Just a cute short story I'd like to share with you. Yesterday it was getting close to nap time. They are only allowed to have "binkies" during nap and bedtime. Maddison had found one laying around and put one in her mouth and Cameryn told me she wanted one with her whining and pointing. Just then, Maddison dropped hers and Cameryn picked it up...and instead of taking it when she wanted one.....she gave it back to Maddison. I just have the sweetest daughter EVER! She's a special soul! Will be sharing Halloween/Fall pictures soon when I have the ones I am sending out mailed. On with the pictures from this week so far. I also sold my twins carrier I had a long time ago and bought a custom Mai Tei carrier. It is soo pretty. One side is red brocade and the other side is pink butterflies with canvas straps. I think this is the last one...I hope! Tomorrow I see the sleep psychologist for my hypnotherapy session. I am hopeful and open!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spending time with MeMa and hanging out at home

Cameryn is just so cute to watch. She has a smile for everyone and laughs so much it makes my heart sing! It feels so good to know that she is a happy spirit. Maddison has been extra needy that past couple months and wants me to hold her constantly. Not that I mind holding her, but I am feeling rather guilty that Cameryn and I are not getting to spend extra time together. Cameryn refuses to let me hold her while holding Maddison and does not want to share me. I understand though. I would want my mom's full and undivided attention too. They are saying some new words now like, "grandma...gamma," "trash," "daddy," (used to be dada) "sis or sissy" "yes," "nana" for banana, "bye bye Poop (as we flush their#2's from their cloth diapers), "thank you" (which sounds more like either the the or thinyou) and some more that I can't think of right now. Cameryn is also signing a lot and Maddison some too. Signs such as, more, please, thank you, drink, milk, and help. They also enjoy playing with and reading about animals. They especially like making the sounds, especially for cow, cat, donkey, sheep,bull, and duck. Maddison has a good throwing arm when she is throwing a ball and you know Jeff is loving every second of that! Cameryn still loves to kick the ball. Right now, their favorite activity is to spin in circles and then try to walk. Either they will be great ballerinas or they will like the wine a little too much. (just kidding). So there you have brags and updates. This coming Wednesday they are going to get their Halloween pictures done, so I will post when we have those.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sitting on the potty for the first time...and our towns fall festival

Last week the girls sat on their potties for the first time. Nothing came out and still hasn't but at least they are getting familiar with the idea. Also, our town's fall festival was this Sunday and I was surprised how big it was. As you can see from the pictures it was pretty neat to see.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

One Reason....Cure Autism

We walked for ONE reason...

..............................................................TO CURE AUTISM!!!
Today we rallied together as a large community to find a cure for Autism and to raise awareness. 1 beautiful child out of 150 will be diagnosed with Autism. We have to do something now to stop and prevent this most challenging neurological disorder and understand how to tap in to these beautiful yet tangled minds. This is something that I feel very passionate about. We (as in Jeff, grandma, twins, and myself) were supposed to walk with Giant Steps (the school I used to work at before I had my precious twins) but in the big crowd we kind of got separated. It was a large crowd, although I have seen more in years past. Beautiful weather was on our side! Here are some pics from today's event. Also, to learn more about Autism visit and also

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall Festivities

Summertime used to be my favorite time of year, but I am really starting to enjoy Autumn even more. With beautiful weather comes outside activities that we all can enjoy. Last Thursday, our twins playgroup met at the Botanical Gardens. Let me tell you I was in awe of the beauty that this unique and quite large garden had to offer. I am a huge fan of waterfalls and nothing feels more serene that a beautiful waterfall. The Botanical Gardens had a few nice ones as well as many lush flowers and plants. I always imagined myself going when the girls were itty-bitty and simply just sitting on a bench and enjoy the surroundings....but it was a little harder to go out places when they were that small. But I shall dream again when we have another baby someday. Then this Saturday, Jeff's mom, Jeff, Maddison, Cameryn, and myself went to a festival at the Loop. It didn't have as much to offer as I thought it would, but we did get to see the Irish dancers clogging and even saw some Lyrical dances. We also saw musicians playing and a man doing some pretty neat "top spinning" tricks. We walked around and looked at artists jewelry, unique wood working, and paintings. After that we head to Stacy Park and the girls had a blast climbing up slides, swinging on swings, and just running wild. Next weekend, we are walking for the Walk Now for Autism and our community is having a festival and fair. I want to make sure we are taking every advantage of this weather, because too soon we will be stuck inside! We just ordered Halloween costumes and so in no certain order, one will be an angel and the other will be a devil. I hope we are not setting up some bad karma for them as they grow up. haha!

See below for pictures...I couldn't figure out how to attach the slideshow and display it properly...ugg.