Thursday, November 4, 2010

A new year and a new headliner

Wow! I can't believe it has been almost a full year since the last time I blogged. Needless to say adding an additional baby has really thrown me for a loop! It took a good long while before I really felt like things were smoothly. Samuel Douglas Woollard was born on January 31, 2010. I had the awesome and amazing birth that I knew I would have. A beautiful water birth using my hypnobabies made for a totally comfortable pain free birth. He has been truly a joy to parent thus far. He is always happy! My mom jokes with him, calling him, "Smilin' Sam." He makes everyone smile who is near him. The girls took a while to adjust to having Samuel around. Cameryn found her place as helper. Her and Samuel have a really special bond together. Maddison is still a mama's girl. She was thrilled at first but even now 9 months later still struggles with it. This weekend I am hoping to take her to the library for some mommy and me time. I have never taken them to the library (I am ashamed to admit). With two little ones who feed off of each other, I could only imagine two free spirited girls zooming from isle to isle screaming as loud as they could. They are 3 1/2 now have shown so much growth from age 2 to 3.
It makes me teary eyed every time I see pictures of them when they were smaller. It just boggles my mind that the time seems to fly so fast when you are an adult and it went by so slow when we're children. The girls are still enjoying pre-school. It is nice to have that break to get things done around the house and to do my errands during that time. We also have been taking Samuel to do physical therapy and craniosacral therapy for his Torticollis. He was born with his neck always tipping to his right shoulder. He has made many gains, but when he has growth spurts he regresses some.
We are also getting the house ready to sell in less than 2 years. With a beautiful new kitchen, I am sure this house will catch the eyes of many to take a closer look. Lots of major things to be remodeled. Both bathrooms need to be redone, new floors upstairs, basement refinished, patio gutted and a deck to be built, and lots of outside sprucing up. We are looking into areas that have good school districts and we need a much larger house with three very active kids. We are definitely wanting a two-story.
Well, I believe those are all the updates I have for the moment. Stay tuned, now that I have a new laptop I will be staying on top of my blogging from now on.