Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Whirlwind of a Week

This has definitely been a whirlwind of a week by far! As those of you know who read our last blog, my mom was diagnosed with small cell cancer. Last Thursday she had some complications. I took her in for a lungs functions test and it literally took all of her energy away. She couldn't breathe well at all. Following that appointment was her Radiation doctor(Dr. Kathy Baglan). They were making a molding of her body for her to lay on when she will get her radiation. They noticed how bad she was looking and did a CT on the spot and noticed that her tumor had significantly grown in just ONE week and that she had a lot of fluid around her heart. She immediately went up to see her chemo doctor (Dr. Suzanne Partridge) and she admitted her to the hospital to start chemo right away. They did some more tests including an echo cardiogram chest x-rays, and some CT's to see if the cancer had spread, which it looks like it has not (Thank GOD). The fluid around her heart is a serious issue so they did surgery to start draining the fluid. The cardiac surgeon said there was a ton of fluid and her heart was very close to collapsing if it weren't for the surgery. After surgery she went to the ICU and was on a ventilator because of her wheezing. Sunday afternoon they took her off the vent and she was able to go to the step down room then Monday they moved her back to the oncology floor. She is now off of oxygen and seems to be doing well. They think the chemo has begun shrinking the tumor which is terrific news. She is battling a bad UTI from the catheter and is complaining about not getting any rest due to her room mate's obnoxiously loud visitors. It is really too bad that they can't give you a private room at St. John's. It's a toss up on when she's coming home. They tell her yes then no then yes then no then yes and now it's a no due to her insurance company's denial of a very important medicine. I am not sure what is more expensive for the insurance company, more days in the hospital or a medicine. Hmmm. Thanks to some good friends I had a couple days to spend with my mom over the past couple weeks, while they watched the girls for me. I will continue to keep you all updated.

On another note, we are soon to be trying for a #3 and so I went to get some bloodwork done and it turns out I am ovulating on my own so no need for fertility meds for now. I am ever so relieved about that. Don't get me wrong I love with my twins with all my heart but it would be so nice to know what just one would feel like. brother and I will be going to see Coldplay when they come in July. Yay! If one good thing has come of these trying few weeks is that my brother and I have become a lot closer. I hope that continues. :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

You take the good you take the bad and there you have...the Facts of Life

The girls playing ring around the rosey

This week has definately been interesting to say the least. I'll start off with the good and pleasant news. I am now serving on the board of directors of our St. Louis Mothers of Twins Club. I am the Sisters of Support co-chair with another fabulous lady. What we do is match experienced mothers with new or expecting mothers of mulitples. The program is designed to offer support, advice, or any help they can assist the new moms. Right now we are in the process of bettering the program with some checks and balances to make sure we are offering the highest quality of support for those moms who are going through their roughest first 6 months. I also hand out the welcome bags to the new members that come to the dinner meetings that we hold once a month. I really like it so far and hope that I can make a difference in the program and the club in general. On another note, Maddison and Cameryn are now putting together 2 and 3 word sentences. At the beginning of the week, Cameryn said during lunchtime, "All done Mommy" and Maddison chimed in after her, "All done Mommy" I was so excited! Fun times!
Now on a sadder note...We just found out that my mom has been diagnosed with lung cancer (small cell carcinoma) in her right lung that is 5x4 cm. It has been quite overwhelming to say the least for us, I cannot imagine what it must be like for my mom. We do know that chemo is in her treatment plan. She has to have a PET scan and a CT scan of her brain to make sure it hasn't spread. If it hasnt spread then they will do chemo and radiation. Her prognosis as it stands today before the PET scan and brain CT scan is 20-30% survival of 5 years with treatment. If she chooses to do no treatment it could be 3 months. While I am hoping and praying for the best possible outcome I have to be prepared for the worst. Word to the Wise....Don't smoke! least QUIT NOW! I will keep you all posted on any changes and updates. If you pray...and you would like to add my mom onto your prayer list, her name is Nita. She would no doubt greatly appreciate it, as would I.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Milestones for Cameryn

Well, I am just so ecstatic about Cameryn's new bathroom skills. Sunday Cameryn went pee pee in the potty! I had left their diapers off because they were getting a rash. I had to go and of course my little duckling followed me. They sat on their potties, so I gave them one m&m. I told them if they wanted more they would have to go pee pee. 5 seconds later my candy loving Cameryn was going potty. Yay! Of course, Maddison was jealous and wanted more m&m's but I stood strong and told her when she goes pee-pee she will get more too. Then today, the diapers were off again. Cameryn had the poop face, so I told her to hurry and go sit on the potty. She ran in there but wanted to stand, so I sat her down and she POOPED in the potty. I was so happy I gave her 5 m&m's. We took a picture (haha I wont share that with you though) and called Jeff to tell him the good news. I guess my no potty pressure but with positive encouragement has least for Cameryn so far.

I got my hair cut/colored/hightlighted! I needed a change :)

This was not planned. I thought it was cute though!