Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The girls' school pics- Age 2 1/2

The girls had their first ever school picture portraits done this October. So, here they are! I think they turned out pretty cute! I was quite pleasantly surprised! Scroll down to see our newest updates!!!!

Maddison (top) Age 2 1/2

Cameryn Age 2 1/2

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Spooktacular Halloween!

This past Halloween was so much fun for us and the girls. They really "got it" this year and liked talking about it. After our trip to the Pumpkin Patch, the girls understood where the pumpkins came from and helped Jeff pick out patterns to carve their little pumpkins. Maddison chose a cat and Cameryn chose a bat. Funny how those two rhyme ;)
In the coming days leading up to Halloween, the girls were very excited to dress up and go trick or treating. Cameryn was a horse and Maddison was a cowgirl. They practiced saying "Trick-or-Treat" and "Thank You" before going out on the chilly October night. They made it around the block, which really was rather pushing it on their stamina walking in their costumes on a cold night with no coat. Oh! were they excited to get their candy though. We let them have two pieces of candy that night and have been sparingly dishing it out ever since. Jeff's mom came over to see the girls in their costumes and she came in with a mask and a hat which the girls really didn't know what to think of. Ever since Halloween the girls have been talking about it and asked if they could go again soon. It was a great spooktacular night.

Another milestone that recently they conquered was the ridding of the ever loved pacifiers aka "binkies." The girls put them into baggies and we brought them over to "Baby Chase's" house. Baby Chase is a friend of ours' 10 month old baby. Cameryn excitedly handed hers right over while Maddison hung on to hers until it was time to leave. There was about 15 minutes of crying that night right before bed, until they drifted off to sleep. The next day a little whining, but now no tears and no whining. It really wasn't as bad as I anticipated it being.

I will be 26 weeks pregnant tomorrow and my belly is growing and growing and growing!!! I am feeling pretty good except for the sciatic pain I am feeling which I never got with the girls surprisingly. I am definitely in need of a good massage about now.

Jeff has been busy busy busy at work. One of their competitors filed for bankruptcy and closed their doors so he has been very busy trying to attain their past clients.

That's it from the Woollard home! Enjoy the pics!

Jeff's carvings top is haunted house

Lady Liberty glowing at night

Cameryn's bat

Maddison's Cat

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Whirlwind of sickness

Well, goodness we have all seem to be struck by the stream of viruses going around. First, Jeff and the girls were sick and I stayed healthy. It finally made way to me thanks to the girls being in preschool now. Maddison and I both had Strep then with 2 days of finally recovering I either got food poisoning or the flu. I am thinking it was more like the flu (swine or regular) I didn't go in to get tested. I did have my big 20 week ultra sound this week just a couple of weeks behind due to scheduling conflicts. It was so nice to see up close what this little squishy baby looks like. We asked the tech if she would show us some images in 3 or 4D and she did! It was pretty neat to see, although some body parts are distorted because of certain angles of the wand. We held strong and covered our eyes to not see any gender parts. I still feel like it's a boy. We are not discussing names until it's almost time. It seems that the names we liked with the girls quickly got old and we went on to new names. Today I am 23 weeks pregnant, so almost 6 months along. This pregnancy is very different from the twins. I think I am more exhausted at this point than I was with the girls. All in all everything is going quite well! So...on with the u/s pictures!!

23 weeks above. After playing play-doh with the girls
Who do you think he/she looks like?

This baby does have Maddison head shape

Hand and foot all in the same shot! Talk about flexible!

Baby is using my placenta as a pillow! Awww!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

14 weeks and 4 days

Hello everyone! Well, today was my 14 week check up at the ob's office and everything is going fantastically! The baby is very active according to the dr and is measuring at 8 (either inches or cm, I can't remember which he said.) But that it was on target. I will officially be delivering at Barnes again. I am not thrilled about it, but if it's the only hospital that will let me do a waterbirth so I will just have to deal with the subpar post pardem care. I have officially hired a doula, though it was a hard decision. I will be following the hypnobabies course and she has had many clients including herself use it. What hypnobabies what a person might use to go under surgery with instead of anesthesia, which is called hypno-anesthesia. It is self hypnosis. It is supposed to be a pain free and short labor and birthing time, which all sounds great to me! I have seen videos of actual births of mothers using either hypnobabies or hypnobirthing methods and it's absolutely amazing! You wouldn't even think they were giving birth naturally. I will try to find the link to it and if you wish you can watch for yourself. Also the doula seems very in tune with all of my needs and that was a major selling point. So, we have been selling some of the girls items that they have either grown out of or just not using on craigslist to help fund our doula. When I birthed the twins Barnes provided them free of charge which was fantastic but they no longer have the program because the clientele that typically comes in are very young mothers who were wanting drugs (stadol, epidural, etc) and they were no longer in high demand there. If this is my last pregnancy or I have another I will never go without a doula. They are truly awesome and a necessity for me. What exactly is a doula, do you ask? Labor/birth support doulas are trained and experienced labor support persons (always female) who attend to the emotional and physical comfort needs of the laboring woman to smooth the labor process. In addition to emotional, physical and informational support, doulas work as advocates of their client's wishes and may assist in communicating with medical staff to obtain information for the client to make informed decisions regarding medical procedures.

I am almost done with the nausea, it is definitely getting better, but the exhaustion and fatigue are still in high force. The OB asked me if I wanted to find out the sex of the baby today, but I said as tempting as it is, we are going to let it be a surprise. I do and don't want to know. So, I am going to be patient and wait until "THE DAY." Here's a pic of the u/s done today. Also here is the link to the hypnobirthing...FYI it is all G rated! No body parts are shown. The mom has a sports bra/swimming suit top and an open swim skirt. It is amazing!!!!

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

April 11 weeks pregnant with #3

I took pictures each week or every other with the twins so I must carry on the tradition although a little late. Better late than never. We we my belly grow!

11 weeks baby#3

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ultrasound Pic 10 weeks 3 days

Here is the 10 week 3 days U/S we had done on Monday. Today I am 11 weeks!!! I am also super excited because tonight I am going to see the band ColdPlay at Verizon aka Riverport with Jeff's brother's girlfriend, Amanda. We're going to have so much fun!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

4th of July, Grants Farm, and pregnancy updates!

Hello everyone! We celebrated our third July as a family with kids in tow. We celebrated with friends from our twin playgroup. Even though it rained, the girls still had fun and we had a great time! Good food, good conversation, and good friends make for a fabulous celebration! We then ventured to watch the fireworks at the Civic Center and warned the girls it would be loud but there would be pretty colors in the sky. We thought it might be a toss up between cries of terror and excitement filled cheers. We were fortunate it was the latter. Cameryn would say, "That's a big one!" They both said their oooohs and ahhhs as they heard from others around us. They enjoyed naming the colors as they saw them. It was a late night but worth it!
We also got some great news about my mom. Her cancer is officially in remission. She will get scans every 3 months and possibly get what they call preventative brain radiation. The only problem with that that it can cause paranoia and loss of brain function and memory which from her brain surgeries in the past she already lost quite a big of brain function and memory. It is her decision, so we will have to wait to see what she decides.
I am 10 weeks and 3 days pregnant today and saw my ob today and got to see the baby growing on the u/s machine. A heart rate of 160 was so nice to hear. I still have a very strong feeling it's a boy. I am feeling pretty good, although fatigued and experiencing some nausea but nothing compared to when I was pregnant with the twins. I am definitely showing already, which is crazy to me. My ob said it's totally normal with a second pregnancy and also since having twins essentially destroyed my stomach muscles. I have two hospitals who have okay ed my waterbirth and still waiting on a third hospital. I am in the process of interviewing doulas right now, which I think is going to be a tough decision. Jeff and I are in debate over circumcision (if we have a boy). I am totally against it and Jeff has not made up his mind about it. Our pediatrician is 100% against it because there are no real medical benefits to having it done and says that only 59% of boys are having it done in this region so peer teasing should not be a problem. I think it's brutal and it's genital mutilation. We would never do this do a girl because other girls have it done and so we should not do this to boys. Would you chop off a finger because everyone else is? I have also researched that while boys don't remember it later in life but the pain is actually greater than having it done as a child/teen/adult because their central nervous systems are not fully developed yet. I have also read that after the procedure when they "sleep" they are actually in shock and shut down. Jeff and I watched one done on a video and the baby's scream was like no other that I heard. It was heart wrenching and made me sick to my stomach. And lastly, I don't feel like I should be making that decision for someone else. If he wants it done later in life, it's his decision. To me, God made every single detail of our bodies for a reason and a purpose and who I am to change what God made perfect. I know this may be against what you believe to be true, but I wanted to make my official statement on this. It is my hope that if you are pregnant you will research any procedure and educate yourself on all aspects and make an informed decision. Now...on to the pictures! There are many since this is nearing the end of July. Enjoy!
Grant's Farm looking at the horses. Cameryn and Jeff
Llama Llama red pajama! The girls enjoyed feeding the llama
Jeff's favorite...the American Eagle

The girls and I at Grant's Farm
Cameryn and Jeff feeding the baby goats.

Jeff and Maddison feeding the baby goats.
The start of a great adventure to Gran'ts Farm. A very busy and beautiful Saturday!

The girls love to play in the water with their ears in.
Jeff and I at a wedding 2 Saturday's ago.
Maddison with pig tails...she kept them in for a whole hour! Progress!
Camerooni-rooni being her silly self

Las Fuente's for Amanda's 30th bday celebration
Jason, Amanda, Lorraine, Kimberly
CHEESE! Jeff, Maddison and Cameryn. Opposite: Jason, Isabel, and Amanda's mom and step dad.

4th of July..playing inside while it rained.
Rain let's time to play. Maddison above.
Cameryn cheesin' it up!

Hurry up and take the picture, we have things to do & kids to play with Mommy! Happy4th!

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Month Of June and a third bloom!

Well, I sincerely apologize for my absence on blogger. Things have been busy and I haven't much time to write or post pics. I have learned this month that we will be expecting a third child. YAY! There is only one this time confirmed by an ultra sound. I am just about 8 weeks along and my official due date is February 13, 2010. We are so excited and thrilled. It happened all-natur-elle! I did not have to seek fertility treatments this time which was fabulous! I did do some natural things such as guided imagery and meditation, acupuncture (which was done after the fact but could be credited to helping with implantation). I am so excited that this pregnancy will be different and the labor and delivery will be different. I have found an OB who will deliver via waterbirth with no medication. I plan to have the help with a doula (which I had last time and was very helpful) I have lots of rules of things I wish to do and do not want to be done. I will get into them on later blogs. I plan to labor mostly at home and then go to the hospital later. I am reading lots of good books that are helping me prepare for an unmedicated natural birth and will be attending some kind of bradley method or hypnobirthing/hynobabies classes. We are also planning to do the baby's room in a Dr. Seuss theme. This will be great since Jeff and I are planning on waiting until the birth to find out what we are having. I do have some feeling it's a boy though. We shall see! I am ready for the morning sickness (rather evening sickness) to be gone. It came sooner than with the girls. I am hoping it will be gone in a few weeks. More to come. Enjoy the pics and have a safe and happy 4th of July!
Cousin Isabel and the girls jumping

Aunt Irene and the girls

Cameryn's first hair cut (her bangs)

at the zoo

Fun at the zoo