Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Magic House

Today we had a fun trip to the Magic House. The girls had loads of fun, as you can see. Today the girls are 14 months old. I can't believe how fast it goes. I am really trying to enjoy each minute and live in the present moment. Because in 5 or 10 years ago, I won't say..."Darn, I missed that tv show that one day or why didn't I fold the laundry right away that one Tuesday afternoon. But, I could say "I wished I would have read Cameryn's favorite book to her while she lay in my arms." Or," I wished I listened and watched their faces while the girls laughed with each other. It's moments like that, that I will remember years from on, not tv shows or what have you.

Friday, May 16, 2008


repeat picture couldnt rotate it.
Cameryn helping Mommy fold the girls are such good helpers!

Top Jeff and Cameryn playing their pillow game, below me and Maddison snuggling when we were both sick.

I have not written in a while due to Jeff's dad passing away last week. He was in a lot of pain and I know he is in a much better place now, but it is still hard to lose someone you love.

I just wanted to share some pictures that we have taken over the past 2 weeks. I asked Maddison to give her sissy a kiss, and she walked over to Cameryn and they gave each other a was too cute. It melted my heart.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


UPDATES:: Maddison now has bronchitos too. The pediatrician sent us home with a nebulizer machine for both girls, a round of antibiotics for Maddison, and possible steriods for them if we are not seeing any improvements by this evening.

Bronchitos showing it's ugly head

Well, well...all four of us are sick. I took Cameryn to the pediatrician yesterday. They did a breathing treament and sent us home with an inhaler with an aero-chamber for bronchitos. She also has a double ear infection. My poor baby. Maddison woke up with what Cameryn has today, so another trip to the peds office today for her. Plus, Cameryn is still weezing quite a bit. The doctor will recheck her lungs. Jeff woke up as well today. I finally called the dr to get a zpac for myself. Hopefully we will get this all squared away soon.

**Side note on my nephews...both had pneumonia and are now both out of the hospital. Yay!

Hope you all stay well!

Friday, May 2, 2008

A trip to the Zoo

Cameryn and Maddison-------------->>>>holding hands ::heart melting::

I took the girls to the zoo this past Wednesday. It was absolutely GEORGEOUS out! I am so glad we went. We have two (well four including a double set) lions. One that is a stuff animal and one that shakes and vibrates vigurously and also growls and talks. These are Maddison's fav animal. (Thanks Aunt Kim for the lions!) She very much enjoyed seeing the lions even though they were sleeping. Cameryn's fav was the black lemurs. She wanted to climb right in with them and start swinging from tree to tree. And they both loved the fish, and were saying, "ish, ish." You should see this picture I caught with them. The last 20 minutes they were holding hands and giggling eith each other. It was the cutest thing!

PS- Please say a prayer for my nephew Tyler. He is in the hospital with a very high fever and his white blood count is sky high. They still dont know what is wrong. He is in quarentine until they find the source. They think that his little brother Trey might have it too.

While your praying, keep my father in law in your thoughts. He is still in the ICU.

Celebrating Daddy's 30th Birthday

Cameryn Grace loves the Bounce and Spin Zebra
Maddison's turn, loves it equally as much!
Daddy and his girls. That is actually a wide open mouth smile from Cam

Awww, Cameryn is such a "Daddy's Girl"

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Welcome and Thank you for traveling with us through our new updates. There were a lot of errors occuring on our last blog, but you may look at the links list to read and see pictures of old posts.