Thursday, January 29, 2009

The twins are 22 month yesterday

The girls turned 22 months yesterday. It was a particularly challenging day yesterday so I chose to wait until today. Those of you who have been through the toddler stage know what I am talking about. They have been so busy learning and playing and of course testing the limits. I think what I dislike the most is the constant whining..but I do think they are getting their 2 year molars and are in general cranky because of it. Cameryn has switched to a mama's girl which I thought would never happen. Maddison seems to be content with either of us (which I thought would never happen). Oh- and Maddison's tests came out perfectly normal. Which is a HUGE relief to me. I guess this is breath holding as it's best ;). Maddison has started doing forward somersaults last night. She has always loved to be very physical. Cameryn LOVES doing puzzles and is very good at them. She has the patience to turn the piece until it fits where as Maddison just does not have the patience for second chances. I swore that I would not let them watch television but guess what....they LOVE.....Barney (eyeyeye). It's really the only show they like but of course Cameryn likes to watch it over and over and would watch it for hours if we would let her. Although she can not sing the words to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", she does all of the hand motions and they both love to play "Ring Around the Rosey", and do the motions to "If you're Happy And You Know It" The itsy bitsy spider is another favorite. It's so cute to watch them doing the finger movements of the spider. Maddison loves to say, "Shh baby go night-night" They both like to say, "Hi daddy...Hi mommy....Hi sissy" I have been keeping a count of the number of words they are saying because they need to reach at least 50 by the time they turn 2. So here are the lists:

sun, moon, thank you, daddy, mommy, Mema (who is my mom), Ronnie (our cat), bubble, poop, no, yes, juice, nana(banana), ball, knee, eyes, sissy, shoes, choo-choo, me, up, down, night-night, baby, boom, cheese, bye-bye, hi, one two, nine, trash, diaper, wall, melmo for elmo. She also signs for help, please, more, milk, all done, airplane.

moon, daddy, mommy, yes, no, Ronnie, up, cup, Mema, thank you, toe, knee, more, me, bubbles, poop, juice, nana, night-night, baby, boom, cheese, apple, sissy, diaper, bye-bye, hi, boo, bowl, bow(for hair bow) two, one, trash, hat, hot, hi mommy, hi daddy, hi sissy, hi papa, melmo for elmo,blue She also signs the same things as Maddison.

So I think about ten or so more words and they will be on goal. We are working on the abc's and counting....but is taking time. Maddison likes to count 1,2, 9. Cameryn likes 1,2,1,2. We working on it though. We are looking into some Montessori schools for them after they turn two. But of course it's a huge financial investment, so if we don't qualify for financial aide, we will wait until they are 3.
I have 2 little monkeys on my hands. They love to climb everything. They also know how to open doors now. So now Jeff will be installing either a dead bolt at the top of the entry doors or a chain lock. Scary!

Now that I have done my bragging...I will leave you some pictures of Maddison and Cameryn yesterday. I love the picture where Maddison is practicing her "Downward facing dog" yoga move on her kitchen mat flipped upside down.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Does getting old mean getting glasses?

Well, Jeff has been bugging me to go get my eyes checked out since I complain about not being able to see the street signs and such. I guess getting older means your eyesight starts to go. I am pretty amazed though at how well I can see now. I can see clearer, brighter, and the colors are more rich. Although I am not sold on these glasses, they do the job. They don't have much of a selection for people who have small faces. I wanted something with a little flair and fashion, so I liked the sides.

On another note, Maddison got an eeg last week and is scheduled for an MRI on her brain this Wednesday. She does breath holding and passes out but it has turned into what looks like convulsions now and is really tired for at least an hour afterwards. We shall wait and see. I am worried about her going under anestesia. She is so young and little. The neurologist said they can't do it without because she would have to stay still for 20 minutes and at under 2 that's just not going to happen. Prayers are weclome, please. :)
Excuse the do...this was a self portrait at the end of the day.