Friday, October 16, 2009

A Whirlwind of sickness

Well, goodness we have all seem to be struck by the stream of viruses going around. First, Jeff and the girls were sick and I stayed healthy. It finally made way to me thanks to the girls being in preschool now. Maddison and I both had Strep then with 2 days of finally recovering I either got food poisoning or the flu. I am thinking it was more like the flu (swine or regular) I didn't go in to get tested. I did have my big 20 week ultra sound this week just a couple of weeks behind due to scheduling conflicts. It was so nice to see up close what this little squishy baby looks like. We asked the tech if she would show us some images in 3 or 4D and she did! It was pretty neat to see, although some body parts are distorted because of certain angles of the wand. We held strong and covered our eyes to not see any gender parts. I still feel like it's a boy. We are not discussing names until it's almost time. It seems that the names we liked with the girls quickly got old and we went on to new names. Today I am 23 weeks pregnant, so almost 6 months along. This pregnancy is very different from the twins. I think I am more exhausted at this point than I was with the girls. All in all everything is going quite well! So...on with the u/s pictures!!

23 weeks above. After playing play-doh with the girls
Who do you think he/she looks like?

This baby does have Maddison head shape

Hand and foot all in the same shot! Talk about flexible!

Baby is using my placenta as a pillow! Awww!

Thursday, October 1, 2009