Sunday, September 28, 2008

Apple Picking at Eckarts Farm

This weekend, Jeff, his brother, and two uncles went to spread Jeff's dad's ashes over their family burial grounds in Mississippi. I am glad that they were able to carry out his last wishes and also gain a little more closure in doing so. In the meantime, Jeff's mom and I took the girls apple picking and had a nice time despite getting somewhat lost on the way home with 2 VERY hungy and tired girls. There were all kinds of animals there too that I would have never suspected. For instance, there were camel, llamas, baby wallabies, sheep, ponies, baby pigs. Am I the only one who feels badly for these animals when the babies are not with the mamas, and wonder if they get enough water, and why there are about 8 ponies who are forced to walk around in a small circle all day long....and lastly wonder if they are being treated respectfully??? Okay, now that's out of the way...the girls liked seeing all the animals and really loved apple picking. There was a tractor and wagon that took us out to the apple orchards. Cameryn LOVED LOVED LOVED the apples. Maddison, who doesn't like fruit at all was feeding me the apples. It was neat seeing them pick the apples right off the tree!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Daddy and Maddison...aww

She fell asleep on was so cute. Then she heard the commotion from me taking pictures and woke up. It was too sweet to see! And, this is my new Calyx. I had to send the Action Baby Carrier back...lots of neck and shoulder pain. okay, okay, okay....I'll admit it I'm addicted! It's a pretty asian design.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Is it Fall already?

Wow, the summer went by quickly. It's hard to believe that we are in the middle of September already. For the past couple of months we seemed to have been really affected with sickness. Passing strep around, bronchitis (me of course), and now colds. You know how I hate germs and this is exactly why! I know it's inevitable, but having sick kids stinks! We just started having the girls take cod liver oil as it is rich in Vitamins A and D with Omega 3's. I slip some in their OJ in the morning. This is to help their immune system as they will get their first round of measles vaccination in a couple of weeks. Honestly, if it were up to me they would get no vaccinations but because Jeff and I are a team and he is strongly for them, we have come to some what of a middle ground... Which means spaced vaccinations and separated when all possible for the girls. When the girls are ready for boosters, we will get titers drawn up before receiving them so we will know if they really need them or if they have enough immunity from first round of the vaccination.

It is really magical to watch twins interact with each other. When I was pregnant, Jeff and I watch Multiples in The Womb on Discovery Channel and it said that as twins grow to be toddlers and preschoolers, one of their favorite game is often playing in between long on each side of the curtain and giggle. They say that it is like being in the womb separated by their very thin sacs. Well, this is very true for our girls....except right now it's the shower curtain. It's cute to watch.

Also, from early on we have always pointed fingers and touched the tip of our fingers together. It's just our "thing." It's really cute to watch the girls to it do each other and Maddison says, "Boop!" Then they both laugh. Here are some pics of it! Last Monday, I attended a Babywearing Meeting at the County Headquarters Library. It was really nice to learn a few tricks about how to get a baby on my back easily and I got to try out some different carriers. The bottom picture are 2 Kindercarry Mei Tais...which were awesome! I also got to try on a ring sling which was nice as well. I really enjoy wearing them, I definitely feel more connected with them individually when I have one of them in the front. With having twins, I definitely think that you need to connect and develop your own bond individually with them.